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Pon Farr, the new album has been released.

Pon Farr, the new album by Nahtaivel has been released by Wave Records.
Listen for free, or buy high-resolution files at Bandcamp
Worldwide -> physical and digital copy at: cdBaby
Brasil -> R$15,00 (entrar em contato com nahtaivel@outlook.com)
Also available on iTunes and on all major web stores.

Pon Farr’s album cover

Album cover for Nahtaivel’s Pon Farr. Designed by Hernan Rojas.
The album will be released by Wave Records in the end of november/2013.


PON FARR, final tracklist

The new Nahtaivel’s album, PON FARR, is going to be released soon by Wave Records.
It was a pleasure to work with such good EBM/Industrial acts like Euphorbia, Pecadores and Diverje for this new release.
The final tracklist is:

1 – Hate
2 – Amok Time
3 – Little Pleasures of Life
4 – The Invention of Lying
5 – Be Productive
6 – The Wild Flower / The Fly
7 – Ex Nihilo feat. Euphorbia
8 – The Short Story of Asami, the Gravure Idol
9 – Christie’s Dream
Tracks bellow only available in the physical copy:
10 – The Invention of Lying (oldschool mix feat. Apostle Niwt (Pecadores))
11 – The Invention of Lying (club mix feat. Apostle Niwt (Pecadores))
12 – Murder in my Eyes (collaboration with Diverje for the song Hate)

The album will be available physically and digitally at CDBaby, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Wave Records, and the best stores around the globe 🙂
The cover art will be divulged soon.
Thank you.