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Midnight Sessions (digital copy) at Bandcamp

Nahtaivel’s Midnight Sessions (digital copy) is now also sold by Bandcamp.
– Just USD$ 7,00.
– High quality audio files, all artwork are included.
– Listen for free by streaming.

To buy and listen click in the link below:


new song AMOK TIME

AMOK TIME, new song from the next album Pon Farr.
Pon Farr’s release date to be announced.


PON FARR tracklist

Recordings for Nahtaivel’s new album – PON FARR – are completed.
The tracklist is:

1 – Hate
2 – Amok Time
3 – Be Productive
4 – The Invention of Lying
5 – Little Pleasures of Life
6 – The Wild Flower / The Fly
7 – Ex Nihilo feat. Euphorbia
8 – The Short Story of Asami, the Gravure Idol
9 – Christie’s Dream

Release date to be announced


Nahtaivel – Pon Farr teaser – new album 2013

Teaser for the Nahtaivel’s new album, Pon Farr. It’ll be released in 2013, date to be announced.