EBM/Industrial band – official page


Nahtaivel is a Brazilian Dark-Electro band, formed by Fernando Nahtaivel (former keyboardist of the black metal bands Insane Devotion, Evilwar and Doomsday Ceremony, among other works for extreme metal bands). 

Nahtaivel has launched several works in the EBM/Industrial scene, among them three albums released by Wave Records. “Killer Speaks”  in 2008,  “Midnight Sessions” in 2011 and “Pon Farr” in the end of 2013. 

Influenced by bands of the Black Metal, dark-electro and EBM/Industrial scene you can expect a mix of these styles with distorted vocals, profane feelings, and ferocious synths. The band has played live in several Brazilian states since 2007, and played as an open act for Project Pitchfork in its first concert in São Paulo.


2017 – Subterfuge pt. 1

2014- Epicus Doomicus Electronicus

2013 – Pon Farr

2011 – Midnight Sessions

2008 – Killer Speaks

2006 – Opus 93

2002 – Paradoxical Libertine Symbiosis





Nahtaivel’s Bandcamp Page



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